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Duration 4 hrs inc. Sidas Footbeds | £355.00

This includes all of the Level 3 fit with the addition of the Sidas Footbed fit - An optimal foot support and pressure distribution System.

This fit is undertaken on our Shimano Dynamics Lab jig with 3D PEDAL ANALYSIS

  • Paul will start by identifying what you would like to gain from your fit, any problem areas, and current/previous injuries and your current riding volumes/intensities.
  • Lower limb assessment
  • Flexibility assessment
  • Core stability assessment
  • Major muscle group activation assessment
  • Postural assessment
  • Saddle measurement (Selle Italia ID Match).
  • Analysis of your current position on a turbo trainer, and assess your posture, stability, range of motion/flexibility, body asymmetries and contact points.

  • Sidas footbeds moulded and fitted to your cycle shoes
  • Using the Dynamics Lab X/Y laser pinpoint function we’ll transfer your current bike’s position to the main fitting jig, and each contact point will be optimised for your body and riding style

  • 3D pedal analysis of pedal flow, power distribution and power output from each side of the stroke.
  • Full cleat set up
  • Saddle height set
  • Reach set
  • Saddle fore aft set
  • Handlebar height set
  • Your position on your bike will be reassessed

  • Conditioning programme based on assessment results supplied
  • Follow ups at 2-3 weeks, 6-8 weeks & 12 weeks – free of charge
  • Measurements recorded for future reference and report e-mailed
  • Complimentary coffee and post fit cake
  • 10% discount on any parts needed (Stem, Bars etc)

Bike Fit Surrey

Sidas Footbeds shoe fitting system

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