Look Keo2Max pedal 12Nm | Black


With the new Keo 2 Max Blade, Look has introduced the Blade technology, with it's composite material, which increases better, if not perfect, engagement and disengagement of the shoe from the pedal. Available in 2 colours and with 2 tension options.

Features of the Look Keo 2 Max Blade Pedal (Chromoly Axle)

Pedal features
Composite body
Composite blade for fast and pleasant release
Chromoly axle
Great width and support surface (60mm / 400mm²)
New stack height : 14mm =very good power transfer
Permanent contact cleat stops = better stability
Available in 2 tension levels: 8Nm (grey) or 12Nm (yellow)
Weight: 120g the pedal (308g the pair + cleats)
Colours: black or white
Use: Road
Body material: composite
Spindle material: Chromoly
Pedal thread: 9/16 x 20mm
Tension: 2 different options available (8 and 12Nm)
Compatible cleats: Look Keo Grip
Angular movement: 0, 4.5, or 9 degrees depending on type of cleat used (black, grey, or red)
Included: 1 x pair of grey Keo Grip cleats and hardware
Warranty: 2 years
The use of composite also proposes blades with a greater rigidity scope benefiting from the Blade technology and usable by all the users. The support surface has also been optimised and provides excellent pedaling stability.

The Keo 2 Max Blade is made of injection-moulded composite fibreglass material providing cleaner engagement than a Keo 2 Max pedal but less radical than the Keo Blade 2. Integrating the blade into the pedal body gives the Keo 2 Max Blade and aerodynamic profile for optimal air flow.

Very large pedal platform area
With a 400mm2 stainless steel platform, the Keo 2 Max Blade is positioned between the Keo 2 Max and the Keo Blade 2 providing excellent stability and very good pedaling efficiency. This efficiency is also made possible by permanent cleat-stop contact: the shape of the stops at the rear of the pedal has been designed to fit the shape of the rear of the Keo cleats.

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