Maison Du Vélo offers a full range of service options to keep your bike in top shape, all year round.

Whether you are an all-weather commuter relying on your bike rain or shine, or a focused racer who relies on your equipment to win, the Maison Du Vélo team will get the job done right every time.

We have the best mechanics, tools and most of all attention to detail. Road, mountain, hybrid or anything in between, we know how a bike should feel as you ride and look when it's just being admired. (It happens!)

Set Servicing
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Level 3 | £89.00 >>
Level 2 | £69.00 >>
Level 1 | £49.00 >>

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Because you'll never get the most out of your eqipment if it hasn't been properly fitted or finely tuned we will often include labour and installation free of charge with parts bought from MDV.

We love to talk bikes and to get your bike working exactly as you might wish so if you don't see what you need in the menu above just give us a ring and we can tailor a quote to your bike's needs.