Kids Power Pack club

Monthly training sessions at Cyclopark for young riders

Sun 8 May | 11 to 1pm

Sun 5 June | 10am to 12 noon

Sun Sept 25 | 10am to 12 noon

Sun Oct 30 | 10am to 12 noon

Sun Nov 20 | 10am to 12noon

Cyclopark is a purpose built cycling centre with car and obstacle free smooth tarmac. Basically Brands Hatch for bikes. 

There is plenty of parking, about 40 mins from Reigate and a there is a cafe too!


The Tollgate
Wrotham Road
DA11 7NP

We’re looking to inspire the next generation of young cyclists… do you want to play a part?

Who are the sessions for?

They are for anyone who fancies the idea of racing on a road bike or has already raced on tarmac and has been  inspired by Mark Cavendish, Chris Froome or Laura Trott in races like the Tour de France, or by the thrills on the track at the London Olympics velodrome.

What ages are you looking at?

The target is anyone in the categories Under-10, Under-12, Under-14 and Under-16 but we have experienced this age range has been widened a tad to accommodate some whizzy individuals at the younger end, as well as first-year juniors at the older end. Please make contact if you fall into either of those age groups.

Must a rider have a road bike?

That’s the basic aim as having a machine with slick tyres means individuals are more likely to stay in a bunch… but with younger riders the first aim is to get miles in.

It sounds like coaching – is it?

Yes and no.

The first aim is to get young riders on the move, riding for perhaps 20-30 mins in a traffic-free environment so that part of our sessions will be more akin to a club ride simply putting in laps. This will be made up of two if not three groups moving at different paces.

Then what?

There will be a coaching top-up for the balance of the session using various sections of Cyclopark with its various loops, for example:

  • The western half, with a myriad of corners to negotiate every lap, good for cornering experience
  • The central oval circuit measuring 400m, good for riders who are up for such challenges as ‘taking a lap’ and other similar top-end efforts

I'm told that you've done handicap-style racing at every session – is that true?

Yes, the plan is to kick off with coach-led races whenever suitable and once abilities have been assessed - This is the highlight for most of the kids who just love the chance to ride as fast as possible.

How much?

Only £8 per session for 2 hours! Bring some money for the cafe too!

Kids Power Pack Training | Cyclopark

Kids Power Pack race training - monthly sessions for kids wanting to try road racing, safe, fast AND FUN!Lots of parking, cafe, playground, skatepark.£8 for 2 hours (this is to cover track hire and is a non profit event)Learn more -

Posted by Maison Du Velo on Sunday, September 27, 2015