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Why have a bike fit?

A proper bike fit allows for optimal performance and efficiency from your bike and you. It is also essential in injury prevention, and comfort on the bike. It provides the rider with the most economic means of expending energy, and it also help prevent pain that is common in the knee, hip, and lower back, particularly with riders who are trying to adapt their bodies to the bike they already have purchased.

Level 1 Fit
Duration 45 mins | £79.00

Perfect if you are new to road cycling - Fit takes place on turbo trainer and more details >> 

Level 2 Fit
Duration 2.5 hrs |  £149.00 

Fit takes place on the Tacx BUSHIDO SMART turbo trainer providing Power Data / Cadence / Heart Rate along with Saddle Matching, Postural Assessment, Cleats and more details >>

Level 2.1 Fit (Reigate Only)
Duration 3 hrs + Sidas Footbeds |  £230.00

This includes all of the Level 2 fit with the addition of the Sidas Footbed fit - An optimal foot support and pressure distribution System. more details >>

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Professional bike fitting isn't only for the elite racer

All regular cyclists enjoy riding their bike. Sometimes this enjoyment can be compromised by niggles such as saddle sores; knee, neck and back pain; or an inability to improve their performance beyond a particular personal best. Many cyclists are forever tinkering with their position – looking for that elusive perfect posture, but unable to pinpoint why they “just don’t feel quite right”. Interested in increasing your efficiency, performance and comfort while at the same time reduce the chance of injury, read on!

About Paul our bike fitter

Does he know bike fit? Does he know sports science?

  • Detailed understanding of anatomy, physiology & biomechanics.
  • Studied BSc in sports science at St Mary's University, Twickenham. 
  • Bike fitting training from CycleFit.
  • REPS level 3 qualified personal trainer. (Register of Exercise Professionals)
  • Worked for Nike and Adidas studying gait analysis for runners.

Does he ride? Is he fit?

  • Ran internationally as a junior. (Trained with Mo Farah!)
  • Moved into the bike trade 10 years ago.
  • Currently road races at 2nd Cat level.
  • Finished 11th overall in Surrey league in 2014. 5th overall in the Surrey league Thursday night handicap series 2014.
  • Completed major European Sportives such as La Marmotte (7hrs 15mins) and Granfono Pinarello (5hrs 20mins) and used to run 5km in 15:20 - SO he knows how to Race and Ride too!

Selle Italia’s idmatch system to match you to the perfect saddle


Sidas Footbeds shoe fitting system