With a Tacx trainer, you can perform effective indoor training sessions with your own bike. The trainer ensures easy or hard pedalling by applying a certain resistance to your bike. The greater the resistance, the more difficult it is to pedal. All Tacx trainers use a magnetic braking system to generate this resistance. The stronger the magnetic field, the greater the resistance applied to your bike. The strength of this magnetic field can be adapted to ensure that your training sessions are extremely effective.

Tacx offers three types of trainers: interactive trainers, basic trainers and rollers.

Interactive trainers
With an interactive trainer, a computer, tablet or smartphone automatically adjusts the resistance. These trainers communicate wirelessly via ANT+ and/or Bluetooth with your device. The trainer sends your performance data to the device with which the software determines whether the applied resistance needs to change. This way you can ride existing courses, race online against others and can easily perform a specific training program.

Basic trainers
With the basic trainers you adjust the resistance manually with a lever on your handlebar or on the resistance unit. The lever has a certain amount of positions. The higher the position you put the lever in, the higher the resistance you get. A cable connects the handlebar lever with the trainer. So, these trainers don’t communicate wirelessly and cannot be connected to a computer, tablet or smartphone.

The Satori Smart though, is the only basic trainer that cán communicate with several devices. It measures your performance data; power, cadence and speed, and sends this to the connected device. You can read out your data on several devices simultaneously to monitor and measure your fitness, but have to apply the resistance manually with the lever on your handlebar.

It all started with rollers a long time ago. The Tacx rollers are still popular among track cyclists, who use them during training and when warming up for maintaining their speed and suppleness. Cycling on the rollers keeps the muscles supple. The conical rollers provide the bike with more stability.