This historic choice, which makes LOOK one of the few sport composite pioneers, is justified by the inherent characteristics of different carbon fiber.
The most important being its strong correlation between its stretching resistance and stiffness for very little weight. 

The excellent performance of carbon epoxy composites to aging equally contributes to its choice as the ideal material for the fabrication of bicycle frames and forks.

Moreover, carbon fibers have a different behaviors based on their orientation.
One defines carbon composition (fiber type, orientation and quantity) for each layer in a very precise manner according to how the product will be used.
For over 30 years, LOOK has developed a unique expertise and a vast experience of combining different types of fibers to achieve specific desired properties.

Look know how to vary the parameters of carbon composition to give a product a desired behavior.

The impregnated carbon sheets developed in France, according to LOOK’s own experience, have characteristics and an application close to those of aeronautics, aerospace or automotive sports.